The beauty of Beaded Designs is that there are literally millions of possibilities! The possibilities for materials and bead combinations are endless! While most people gravitate towards one style over another, the styles of different individuals may be similar. This book is a great starting point for anyone who loves creating unique jewelry. Beaded Designs can be as unique as you are! The book includes step-by-step photographs, patterns, and graphs for every project.

Native American Indian beadwork techniques were relatively similar among tribes. However, these tribes had regional variations in the use of beaded designs. The Sioux, for instance, frequently used a white background to create their beaded designs. The Cheyenne, on the other hand, used transparent beads and bright red. The Cherokee and Ojibwa both used multi-colored backgrounds, and both groups tended to use black, though the latter used more of it than other tribes.

Several different types of stitching techniques are used to create Beaded Designs. One of these is brick stitching. It resembles gourd stitching but does not require factors of three. The beads are laid horizontally with bead holes on both sides. The beadholes must be held in place while stitching to prevent them from slipping down the stitch. A brick stitched design may also include some variations of the gourd stitch.

Cynthia and Cheri both explain the design process in their videos. In one episode, the ladies show how they develop their designs. Watch the episode to see how they overcome their creative blocks. Afterwards, you can try out one of their designs and get inspired by their talent. They have been making jewelry for more than 50 years! And the designs are truly beautiful! I hope you enjoy watching their videos! And don’t forget to visit their websites for more information on the subject.